Old traditional cuisine

Tasty Tyrolean classics, authentic Mediterranean dishes and various international courses. In our restaurant in Villabassa in the Alta Pusteria valley, we serve gourmets of all kinds from all ages with fine aromas and delicious tastes. Helene Markart is the head chef responsible for the delicious food available for breakfast, lunch and dinner at our restaurent. She was raised on farm located in Kaltenbrunn, Jaufental (Jaufen Valley) where she enjoyed a happy childhood within the security of her cherishing family. The smell of the juniper, the heavy snow and the view of the Weißhorn mountain are her favourite childhood memories. The Weißhorn mountain holds a dominant position in front of her family home that draws you into to the eye capturing scenery that encapsulates all of your senses.

This farm is where Helene developed her high regard for tradition and her interest in the classic dishes from Südtirol that distinguish the cuisine of our restaurant in Villabassa. Throughout her whole career, at the numerous hotels and restaurants that she has worked at, including many different Hiltons, Hotel Schwarzer Adler in Vipiteno and even her uncles country restaurant, she has always retained the ambition to re-make classic gastronomic delights but still maintain the important taste and spirit of their time.